Canada Student Visa: How To Apply

Canada is a highly developed country, with a high school and college education system. To attend any of these, you need to have a study visa and permit.

How To apply For A Canada Student Visa

A Canadian Student Visa allows someone who has it to come to Canada to study. It’s the same as a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization, but they also need a study permit. So, the Canadian student visa is the combination of either a visitor visa and a study permit or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and a study permit. If you want to study in Canada, be sure the school is designated. Other requirements include: completing the program and staying until its end, enrolling only in designated institutions and maintaining a part-time studies schedule.

How To Maintain Continuous Enrollment While Traveling Outside Of Canada

-Be patience and work towards your study program
-Meet the requirements of the Canada student visa
-Leave Canada immediately your study permit expires
-Be working to complete your study program

A study permit will not be the same as a Canadian citizenship, it will just provide easier access to applying for a Canadian citizenship if that is your goal.
What does a Designated Learning Institution mean for Canadian students?
You can only get a Canada student with a Designated Learning Institution DLI. DLIs are approved with the provincial or territorial government to host international students.

All schools in Canada are automatically declared to be DLIs. That being said, not all universities and educational institutions meet the same standards as DLIs. You cannot apply to these institutions without fail, even if you have the opportunity, since they do not have the same accreditation as a DLI. You can also visit the website of the Canada government and find a list of all DLIs in Canadian provinces and territories.

If your institution loses its DLI status, you can stay enrolled until your study permit expires. If your permit expires before you complete your degree, you must enroll in a new institution that’s DLI for a new study permit. A student permit in Canada doesn’t allow you to enter the country, but is needed when accessing visitor visas or ETAs. The permit is required for international students who wish to study in Canada.

In order to learn in Canada, you will need a study permit. If you are in certain situations, though, such as being under 18 years old, then it is possible to avoid requiring a permit.

-Diplomats and their family members do not require study permits.
-If you are in Canada for work and you can provide proof, you do not need a study permit.
-You don’t need a study permit if you have Registered Indian Status in Canada.
-If you are a minor child in Canada, then you do not need a study permit
-All refugees or refugee claimant

How To Be Eligible For A Canada Student Visa and Permit

For you to be eligible for a student visa to Canada, you need to fulfill the followings:

-An official letterhead for Canadian Student Visa
-The program and degree you will obtain.
-The amount of tuition fees you must pay
-Have a clean criminal history

In order to enter Canada, you must prove that your stay is temporary in order to return to your home country once your studies are finished. Your Quebec school will provide instructions on how to get a CAQ from the Quebec government in order to study there.

The Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec is a document that verifies your acceptance into the province for a specific occupational program or field of study, and it has been issued by the Quebec Immigration office. You need to send a letter of explanation. This should include why you want to study in Canada and what your understanding of responsibilities are.

Students living outside of Quebec must have their study money, to prove that they can cover their education in Canada, deposited into their account.
If you choose to study in Canada, your expenses may vary from $2,980 per year (tuition) to $800 per month.
If you are an international student who has been accepted to a Canadian DLI, but is outside of Canada, then the application process for you will include applying for a visitor visa and a study permit. If you are from a country that does not need a visa to enter Canada, then you will apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and a study permit.

When you get approval for the visa, you will also get an approval for a study permit. They are granted at the same time.
There are certain conditions which a student must meet if they would like to work while they are on their Canadian student visa. They can only work if the following conditions are met:

-On-campus work while students are enrolled in a full-time program
-Complete co-ops or internships if they are required from their program curriculum; In addition, they must provide proof that they for students who have permission to work and do not exceed 20 hours per week, off-campus employment might be a good option.
-If you are going to study for less than 8 months, you may be eligible.
-If your study program was between 8 months and 2 years, you can get a PGWP for the same length as your study program.
-If you study for two or more years, your PGWP (Post-Graduate work permit) will be valid for 3 years.

PGWP (Post-Graduate work permit) is available for up to 3 years for students who have completed multiple study programs.