Guide To Applying For A Turkey Student Visa


The first requirement to meet before leaving your home country for any Turkish university is obtaining a student visa. We will be looking at the requirements to obtain a Turkish student visa. Visa requirements for students that want to study in Turkey differ for students depending on their citizenship.

For the purpose of this article, we will be looking at the general basic requirements for Turkey Student Visa. For further guidance, you might want to visit relevant regulations and find the embassies and consulates in your country.

Requirements for Turkish student visa Application

-2 most recent photos passport size

-A passport valid for more than 90 days

-Acceptance letter from the university

-Health insurance proof

-Police clearance certificate

-Medical report from recognized health practitioners

-Individuals bank account details and statement

-A return Ticket to Turkey (Please note that you do not need to actually buy the flight ticket, an itinerary ticket or booking is enough)

-Completed Visa Application form obtained from the respective Turkish embassy

The Turkish student residence permit enables international students to study, work part-time in Turkey as well as be protected as legal immigrants and be eligible to social services such as health insurance available to Turkish nationals as well.


How To Renew The Student Visa In Turkey Visa

The university usually assists new students with renewing their visas every year once they are in Turkey, however, some documents have to be prepared by each respective international student and submitted to the Turkish Foreign Relations Department at the Local Police Headquarters close to your university.

List of documents required for renewing the Student Visa in Turkey

-Service fee and completed application form (Obtained at the Turkish Foreign Relations Department close to your university in Turkey)

-Copies of student passport and visa

-2 most recent photos passport size

-Student registration letter from the university (Please ask for the letter from your university’s International office department)

How to Select the Right Student Visa for Turkey?

If you are applying online, you can select from a range of education visa options, including the following:

-Internship visa

-Internship ERASMUS

Internship AIESEC

-Turkish Language Course Purpose

-Course Purpose

-Education Purpose

-Education in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


Who Needs A Turkey Study Visa?

Except for Northern Republic of Cyprus nationals, students from all other nationalities worldwide will need a visa to travel to Turkey for educational reasons.

Exemptions from the Student/Study Visa Rule include the following:

-International students who want to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an educational institute in Turkey have previously completed their secondary/high-school education in Turkey.

-Children of people living in Turkey with a residence permit and work visa.

-Individuals holding a Blue Card.


Filling Out Application Form At Pre-requirement Online System

Just like any other Turkish visa, you will need to complete an online form at the pre-requirement system when applying for a Study Visa. Once you have submitted this form, you will receive an appointment date. Please visit the Turkish embassy or consulate on your appointment date for your visa interview.

Turkish Student Visa Appointment:

Before appearing for an interview, you must gather and arrange all the documents. Your documents must be following the specifications set by the mission. You will submit these documents on the day of your interview.

You will be notified about the interview date by the Turkish embassy. On that date, you will have to show up at the embassy/consulate in your area. This will be a brief Q&A session with a consular officer. He or she will ask you several questions about your trip and education.

It is crucial to keep all the required documents for Turkey visa with you because your visa application will be rejected immediately if you miss one. If this happens, you will have to reapply for the visa.

Moreover, try to leave a good impression on your interviewer because this session will play a crucial role in determining your visa application’s fate.

Student Visa Application Processing Duration:

Typically, a Turkey student visa application is processed within 15 days. However, the processing time varies from country-to-country. So, ultimately, the processing duration involved will be determined by the country you are applying from. In some countries, applicants can expect to receive a response within three days.

Can I Work In Turkey With A Student Visa?

A few conditions allow students to work legally in Turkey. Once a student obtains a Student Residence Permit, he or she can legally start working. Students coming from abroad and are enrolled in an undergraduate program, or a two-year associate program will only be allowed to work once completing the first year of study. Those students who are enrolled in a two-year associate program will not be allowed to work for more than 24 hours in a week.

Getting a student visa for Turkey only takes about 24 hours if applied online. However, it takes up to 90 days when the applicants apply through a consulate or a foreign representative. This is the quickest time when all the documents and representation of information is accurate.

Does Turkey Give Work Permit After Study?

Getting a student visa is an easy process that can be done online. Applicants can apply for a student visa using the online portal and obtain their visa within 24 hours. This is only possible if all the required documents are accurate and complete. Undergraduate and two-year associate programs also allow students to work while they study in Turkey.

Once a student graduates and applies for a full-time job, he or she can apply for a work permit. This allows them to continue living in Turkey and work with a legal work permit. However, the condition for working in Turkey after completing the degree must be kept in mind. The student, now turned employee, needs a job offer letter before he or she can apply for the work permit visa.

Once the documents are complete and the applicant has all the necessary documents in hand, they will be granted a work permit. This will allow them to complete their term with the company that offered them the job. Once the term is complete, they can move anywhere within Turkey to work.

Is IELTS Required For Turkey Student Visa?

Like all international institutes around the world, to study in Turkey, the student needs an IELTS band. Since all the Turkish educational institutes use English as their primary language, it is important that all students enrolling in Turkish universities speak, read, write and listen to Basic English.

Taking the IELTS is compulsory for all students who wish to get admission in a Turkish institute. This test is very common and assesses the English language capability of the student. Some universities require a higher IELTS score while others require a lower one.


Studying & Working In Turkey As An International Student

It is illegal for students to work in Turkey on a Turkish Student visa. However, if they obtain a Work Permit for Students by the government, they can work.

Only students who are pursuing formal courses and seeking a higher educational degree will be issued a study work permit.

Once foreign students get a Turkey Work Permit, they can enjoy the privileges of the residence permit. The ministry of foreign affairs of Turkey will look after the procedures and principles of employing foreign students. This is a great benefit postgraduate students enjoy while working in Turkey.

All foreign students who successfully completed their studies from a recognized Turkish university can apply for a work permit. The application is sent to the International Labour Policy Advisory Board who reviews and makes the final decision. However, the students must keep in mind that this application has to be made within one year after graduation. Only students who have obtained a higher degree will qualify for a valid work permit